This coming Monday the US will experience a unique phenomenon – a total solar eclipse. While here in Pennsylvania we will only see a partial eclipse, it is still a pretty awesome event that only happens every so many decades.


The trajectory of the eclipse.

How do you view the eclipse?

Anyone wishing to look at the solar eclipse should go to NASA’s very helpful website and read carefully. Looking directly at the sun even during an eclipse without proper eye protection can lead to permanent vision loss which will not be apparent right away.

Every May when our last KinderSee day rolls around, we can’t believe another school year is over. It means that the fun and excited children we see will soon be another year older; it means, we hope, that another class of children who could not see well, can now learn even better and see their future with more clarity.

As we look back at the 2017 school year, we want to share some of our favorite memories and favorite statistics.


We saw more than 315 children at KinderSee this year.

Over 60 received glasses with the help of the KinderSee program.

Conestoga Eye staff gave a combined 440+ hours of their time to ensure KinderSee ran smoothly this year.

Our next KinderSee dates are:

June 15 (Special Summer Date)

August 17 (Special Summer Date)

October 5

December 7

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