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Conestoga Eye team publishes research on migraines

We’re going to be very scientific this morning: read more about Dr. Silbert and Noelle Matta’s recent publication about convergence insufficiency and migraine headaches. Read the full article here. 

See the short abstract below:

Convergence insufficiency associated with migraine: a case series.



The appearance of convergence insufficiency in migraineurs suggests a possible link between migraine and convergence insufficiency.


Relevant patients reporting to our neuro-ophthalmology clinic complained of symptoms consistent with convergence insufficiency and had a history of migraine. Patients underwent thorough neuro-ophthalmic evaluations including history, physical exam, and cranial imaging. Four illustrative cases are presented in this report.


Convergence insufficiency may develop after migraine. In some cases, it may be a persistent cause of reduced visual functioning. In patients with persistent asthenopia, orthoptic therapy has proven successful.


A history of migraine should be sought in patients complaining of reading difficulties secondary to new onset convergence insufficiency. Furthermore, migraineurs should be asked about whether they suffer asthenopia. Finally, a larger scale, prospective study should be considered to further explore a possible link between migraine and convergence insufficiency.

© 2014 Board of regents of the University of Wisconsin System, American Orthoptic Journal, Volume 64, 2014, ISSN 0065-955X, E-ISSN 1553-4448.


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