$59 individual
$99 family 

Conestoga Vision is a vision discount plan for routine eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses and is just one of the many ways we strive to achieve our mission – to provide outstanding care to adults and children in a caring environment. Why? Because nice matters. 

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The Perks

The Conestoga Vision plan enables you to get the glasses you want and a price you can afford.
See below for the outstanding discounts provided.

Self Pay Cost Plan Cost
Routine Eye Exam $115 $89
Contact Lens Exam $175-245 $145-215
Item Perk
All Frames 30% off*
Contacts 10% off a year-supply
Lenses (Standard) Perk
Single-Vision $50
Bifocal $120
Standard Progressive $130
Trifocals $130

*Excluding Maui Jim, Oakley Brands

Upgrades Perk
Polycarbonate $40
Anti-reflective Coating 20% off
Transitions 20% off
Premium Progressives (Varilux) 20% off
All Other Upgrades 20% off

Buy a second pair of glasses on the same day and get 40% off their total cost!

The Plan in Action


A Pair of Ray-Ban Glasses
Retail Price Plan Price
Frames $299 $209.30
Single-Vision $89 $50
Anti-Reflective Coating $80 $64
Total  $486 $323.30


A Pair of Micheal Kors Glasses
Retail Price Plan Price
Frames $179 $125.30
Bifocal $149 $120
Transitions $249 $199.20
Total  $577 $444.50

Employer Opportunities

While Conestoga Vision is available to individuals and families for an annual fee, Conestoga Eye is excited to partner with insurance providers and small businesses to offer this discount vision plan to their clients and/or employees at a reduced or no cost.


  • In a competitive insurance market, you are providing a free employee benefit.
  • Vision plans can be confusing and have complicated re-imbursement policies; Conestoga Vision takes the confusion out of routine vision exam costs.
  • Conestoga Vision perfectly compliments an existing insurance or HSA/FSA plan.
  • Conestoga Vision can be extended to all employees – full and part time.
  • Experienced Optometrists who specialize in family eye care, contact lenses, and management of pre- and postoperative cataract and glaucoma issues.
  • The oversight of a nationally recognized Ophthalmologist with 20 years of experience in specialized eye care, including pediatric ophthalmology and reconstructive and cosmetic eyelid plastic surgery.
  • An outstanding selection of glasses for employees, including brands like: Versace, Vera Bradley, Michael Kors, LaFont, Fysh, Kate Spade, Ray Band, Coach, Miraflex, and more.

To learn more about how your business can participate, or to enroll, contact Heather today!

Sign up before your scheduled appointment,
or for information about Employer options, contact Heather @ 717-541-9700.

Conestoga Vision

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