Driver’s Visual Fields

Conestoga Eye now offers Driver’s Visual Field tests.

As part of Pennsylvania’s PennDot driving regulations, all drivers must achieve a visual acuity of 20/40 to be approved for a driver’s license. In some cases, PennDot can require that you take a Visual Field test to prove your field of vision is larger enough to drive.

A visual field test uses pulses of light and your reaction to them to asses your field of vision.

Sit and focus on an object directly in front of you, one to two feet away. Without looking focus on the object you are looking at, move your hands and wiggle your fingers all around you. The farther behind, above, and/or below your face you can note the movement, means the larger your visual field is.

While this is a very unscientific version of visual field more focused on your peripheral vision, the concept is still very much the same. A visual field test takes about 30 minutes to complete for both eyes (you test them separately). Patients should bring the PennDot for with them to the appointment. Driver Visual Fields are often not covered by medical insurance; however, check with your healthcare provider first.