Medical Mission 2017

Imagine being 30 years old. Imagine having 5 small children. And imagine not being about to see past the length of your hands. This is what Maria Luisa faces every day. Living in a remote village in Chilla Pata, Ecuador, Maria has never had her eyes examined and neither have her children.

This last Tuesday, the Conestoga Eye team in partnership with FIBUSPAM traveled to her town to hold a vision screening clinic. That day, Maria’s 5 children where tested for their sight, dilated, and saw Dr. Silbert. Two of her three children needed glasses.

In less than an hour, Maria’s world literally changed – it came into focus for her and her children. Now, they will be able to see the board at school, empowering their education in unimaginable ways; and Maria can now better plant her crops and see her future.

Rural Ecuador has extremely limited access to medical care and it is not understatement to say that without FIBUSPAM and our team, Maria and her children might never have received the glasses they were prescribed.

At Conestoga Eye, we see wonderful children and beautiful eyes every day. While we never take for granted the simple, but foundational importance good glasses play in every day life, Ecuador (just like KinderSee) reinvigorates the fire in our hearts for the work we do.

This year, our Medical Mission team screened more than 1,200 people in rural communities, prescribing 120 children with glasses.

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