Luminopia Treatment Study

Conestoga Eye is excited to begin a new amblyopia study with Luminopia.
Amblyopia is the most prevalent cause of reduced monocular visual acuity, or lazy eye, in children and young adults. The standard of care in the treatment of amblyopia patching. This means patching the strong eye for a specific amount of time each day, forcing the weaker eye to “work” more and become stronger. Today, many institutions and national studies seek to find new ways to treat amblyopia.

Luminopia’s study is to test a new virtual reality device for amblyopia treatment in children. In using special programming with a VR headset, the device looks to provide a binocular alternative to patching. Unlike other devices, which have the child play a game such as Tetris, Luminopia’s device allows the child to watch their favorite TV shows or other video content and still receive the benefits of treatment.

Dr. Silbert and the Conestoga Eye team look forward to begin work on the study, as they have worked on several amblyopia treatment studies in the past. “Finding an alternative to patching empowers parents to have more choice in solutions to their child’s amblyopia. It is always exciting to be a part of testing new treatments and applications,” says Dr. Silbert.

For children to quality for the study, they need to be:

  • Between age 4 and 12
  • Diagnosed with amblyopia associated with strabismus, anisometropia
  • Willing to participate for 16 weeks in the Lancaster, PA area
  • Able to meet all other inclusion/exclusion criteria at screening visit

Would you like to learn more? Please contact our study coordinator, Heather at 717-541-9700 ext 106 or email