RevitalVision for Myopia

Dr. Silbert is excited to offer a new, non-surgical treatment for patients with blurry vision called RevitalVision.

If you struggle to see clearly when you read, or have visual issues following your cataract or refractive surgery, Conestoga Eye can offer you treatment for your symptoms, which often go ignored by other eye care providers.

RevitalVision is designed to improve the communication between your eyes and brain. The program takes just 20 minutes per session, and is performed on your computer. Patients usually notice an improvement in their vision by their tenth session. RevitalVision is done on your own time from the comfort of your home and are customized by a personal vision specialist just for you.

You may benefit from this program if:

  • You have trouble reading small print on newspapers, pill bottles, menus or computer screens.
  • Have difficulty reading in low-light conditions.
  • Have difficulty seeing objects at night.
  • Feel dependant on reading glasses.
  • Feel your vision is not as sharp as you would like it to be, especially at night.
  • Have eye fatigue while watching television.
  • Notice halos, starbursts, or glare when driving or seeing at night.
  • Have difficulty distinguishing fine details.

RevitalVision costs just $495 and is sold through our office. To learn more about the program, or to read clinical studies showing the effectiveness of the program please visit

Ask about RevitalVision at your next appointment or call our office today.