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The Conestoga Eye Approach

When choosing a practice for your eye care, it is important to find a great “fit”. Outstanding care happens when a practice’s philosophy regarding medical care is consistent with your own. Decision making is based on mutual respect and aligned values. Our Esprit-de-Corps throughout our team is deeply important to us and is one of the top reasons you will have a great experience at our office. 

Please review the information below to be sure Conestoga Eye is a good match for you. 

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A complete medical eye exam at our office includes dilation in order to fully assess your eye health and to prescribe glasses in children. Patients who do not wish to dilate their children, should choose another practice. Non-dilation of children at our office is not an option if there are vision issues present.

Office Hours

Our office appointment hours occur between 9am-4pm Monday through Friday. Please familiarize yourself with our office hours to determine if they work for your family.

After Hours Care 

Our after hours staff will only return emergency phone calls from patients who have been seen by one of our doctors in the last 3 years (current patients). Expect to leave a message via voicemail and the individual on call will call you back as soon as possible. 


It is your responsibility to understand how your insurance works, including deductibles and copays, and to provide us with updated insurance information at the time of your appointment. 

Vision Plans

Trust us, we know which vision plans we take. We take plans administered/networked by EyeMed, VSP, and select NVA plans. Please know, just because your Medicare Supplement says you get a free eye exam, doesn’t mean you can get it at our office. 


Our practice makes every effort to run on time, but we are specialists. You should expect to be at our office for at least 1 hour, even for a short visit. Average wait times are between 1-2 hours. If you/your child are dilated, dilating drops take at least 30 minutes to take effect. 

Civility - Because Nice Matters

We’ll keep this short - be nice to our staff or find a different practice. Our team works hard every day to provide exemplary care and they deserve respect, even when sharing unwelcome news. 

Parental Access and Rights

We don’t get in the middle of parental domestic disputes. Unless presented with a court order by a party, we will release information to both parents of a child. Likewise, if you have a POA for your elderly loved one, we will need a copy on file before we are able to have you sign on their behalf any documents.  And we will only allow children to be accompanied by a parent or an approved guardian as listed on their HIPAA. Children 17 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian at their appointments and cannot be left alone at our practice. These are safety measures for your loved one as well as our practice. 


We believe that preventive medicine, like vaccines, saves lives. We continue to ask and encourage all our patients to stay up-to-date on their vaccines, including annual flu/COVID shots. 100% of our staff is fully vaccinated.

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