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Eye Exams from Your Hershey & Lancaster Eye Doctor

Routine Eye Care Clinic

Regular eye examinations are important to maintain your vision for your lifetime. 

A “routine eye exam” takes place when you come for an eye examination without any medical complaint, symptom, or condition which affects the eye. The doctor checks your vision, determines your eyeglass and/or contact lens prescription, and screens the eyes for disease. All Conestoga Eye Routine Exams include dilation of the eyes. Examples that will necessitate your visit being submitted as a vision exam include:

  • You’ve received a basic eye exam
  • You’ve been fitted for glasses
  • You’ve been fitted for contact lenses

Whether you're an adult or someone with children, routine exams are a vital part of maintaining healthy vision. A routine eye test is the first line of defense against common eye diseases, as well as early detection of many health issues. If you’re ready for your exam, schedule an appointment with us in Hershey or Lancaster.

At Conestoga Eye, we believe it is important you are aware of your insurance benefits and how they apply to your visit. Benefits may vary based upon the reason for your visit and the services and benefits included in your vision plan. There are hundreds of different vision plans in Central PA and they all have their specific quirks. We urge you to know your insurance before you come in to make your experience as positive as possible.

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Routine Eye Exams from Conestoga Eye

What can you expect from a routine eye examination from Conestoga Eye? 

In order to give you the best care we can, we conduct a routine eye check up that covers all of the following:

  • Patient History: Patient history helps to determine any symptoms you are experiencing and can be critical in diagnosing any issues you may be having.
  • Visual Acuity: Visual acuity measurements evaluate how clearly each eye is seeing. As part of the testing, you are asked to read letters on distance and near reading charts.
  • Refraction: Refraction is conducted to determine the appropriate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism).
  • Eye Movement: This testing will look for problems that keep your eyes from focusing effectively or make using both eyes together difficult.
  • Supportive Testing: This testing can include Keratometry, an Eye Health Evaluation, depth perception and color vision, etc.

New patients visiting our office are coming in to see our doctors because of our expertise, care, and dedication to patient satisfaction.

No matter how you decided to come to Conestoga Eye – either for medical reasons or for great glasses –  please know that you are always welcome and we love to know how you found us. Please make sure to tell us when you make your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Vision Insurances do you take?

Currently, our office accepts VSP and EyeMed for Routine Eye Exams. To learn more about the insurances we take, visit our Insurance page to see our full list, and be sure to contact your provider with any questions.

What should I do if I end up needing surgery or an in office removal?

Patients who need to be referred for a surgery or in office procedure will be scheduled for a consultation with our surgeons. If you are seeing Dr. Silbert for any in office procedure or surgery, please know that lesion, bump, or possible skin cancer removals are never done the same day as your referral. Dr. Silbert will first assess the area(s) of concern and we will schedule your in-office or surgical procedure shortly thereafter. If an approval or authorization is needed from your insurance this must be obtained before your procedure is done.

I want to schedule contacts. What should I do?

That’s great! A Contact Lens Exam is done in tandem with a routine vision exam. You will get a prescription for both glasses and contacts when fitted for contact lenses. There is always an additional cost for a contact lens exam, as our optometrists have to do additional measurements they must complete to find the best lens for you. We do not fit hard contacts at Conestoga Eye.

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