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Ophthalmologists and Optometrists in Lancaster, PA

About Conestoga Eye

It is our mission to provide unparalleled eye care for adults and children in a caring environment. At Conestoga Eye we are dedicated to changing the way we provide care. We strive every day to make each appointment a warm and welcoming experience. 

Conestoga Eye is not just a medical practice, but a group of skilled individuals who are passionate about helping others as a team. We continually strive to reimagine, streamline, and develop the most efficient ways to deliver care; we support our dedicated staff as they continue to train, research, and learn; and we value giving back to the wonderful community we live in. We are constantly growing, learning, and evolving.

If you’re ready to experience the difference truly dedicated providers make to your eye and vision care, Conestoga Eye is ready to help. Request your first appointment with us today.

Conestoga Eye is an equal opportunity employer and committed to a 360 degree approach to your patient care.

“I am excited to be working in a smaller environment where I can better focus on my patients and my staff. I want to offer not just excellent and more focused patient care, but an environment that allows me to give back to this wonderful community where I live, work and raised my daughters.”

– David Silbert, MD, FAAP.

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Dr Silbert at the Conestoga Eye office

Accepted Providers in Central PA

Accepted Insurances

Conestoga Eye accepts insurance from providers across the Central PA region. View our list of accepted providers and also see our information on providing Good Faith Estimates.