Visual Field Testing for Glaucoma

Visual Field Testing for Glaucoma is an important part of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment. It helps to determine vision loss for patients and can track the severity and progression of the disease. This information is extremely useful to your ophthalmologist and eye care team as they determine your current state and follow-up care.

Continued Testing

If you have glaucoma, or there is a suspicion you do, your doctor may request you have a visual field test every 3 to 12 months. The timeframe will be based on your severity, and is meant to be a pro-active approach to your care.

The test is painless and does not require any eye drops. One eye is patched and the patient looks inside a machine and clicks a button every time a light flashes. The test takes about 15-20 minutes.

How Many Lights Should I See

There is no right or wrong amount of lights to see in the Visual Field test. In fact, that’s just what the test is for – to see many lights you see. So when you take the test, relax, look ahead, and only press the button when you are sure you see a light spot. Don’t try to “ace” the test or push the button more times than you are sure. By only pressing the button when you are sure you see a light, your results will be their most useful for your doctor.

Testing at Conestoga Eye

At Conestoga Eye we are able to provide visual field testing in a quick and easy-to-schedule way. Our technicians and careful and caring and want to make you experience outstanding.